Our Environmental Policy

Our challenge is to provide our guests with ‘environmentally friendly’ accommodation without compromising the comfort that guests would expect when on holiday or by adding excessive costs. We hope that we have achieved this and are always open to ways in which we could improve.

We are committed to a policy of protecting the local environment through a number of initiatives that we are implementing in the ongoing refurbishment of the site. Staying at Sage Doors Cottages will help us achieve this.

Our aim is to ensure long term sustainability and to act responsibly to ensure the preservation and enhancement of the natural beauty of the site and its wildlife. We are doing this by not using fossil fuels for heating or electricity - even our private car is electric and partially powered by our solar panels. The only fossil fuel we use is for our lawn mower. We are also managing water use and reducing the amount of waste generated.

We continually review and add to our environmental policy. So far, we have achieved the following:
● Fully insulated the holiday cottages to modern building regulation standards as well as insulating the main house where the Listing makes it practical and affordable to do so.
● Installed low energy light bulbs across the entire site.
● Invested in a biomass boiler (wood pellets) to provide low carbon heating and hot water for all buildings except Raleigh Lodge.
● Converted to 100% of electricity from renewable sources.
● Replaced the existing septic tank with a water treatment plant to ensure good quality waste water effluent.
● All our laundry is onsite and is therefore powered by renewable energy. We use eco-friendly detergents, with the waste being treated by our own treatment plant.
● We ask guests to join us in recycling paper, glass, cans, plastic bottles, cardboard and biodegradable food waste.
● All kitchen appliances in the cottages are ‘A’ rated. Any appliances replaced in the main house or cottages in the future will also be ‘A’ rated.
● Planted trees, shrubs and garden plants.
● Installed PIR (movement sensitive) lighting to key external lights.
● Installed a 7kw charger to encourage the use of electric vehicles.
● Manage our booking system electronically and minimise the use of paper.
● Replaced the majority of detergents and cleaning products with eco-friendly equivalents.
● Promotion of local days out on our website and in our cottage Welcome Packs.
● Promotion of local food producers and retailers. You can ‘order ahead’ before you arrive and your shopping will be delivered.
● 1% of our annual profit is donated to the Devon Wildlife Trust.

How you can help

As a guest at Sage Doors Cottages you can help support these initiatives by following the guidance below whenever possible:

● Use water sparingly, e.g. showering instead of taking a bath when possible.
● Switching all lights off when not required, especially outside lights.
● Manage heating responsibly, switching off at night and turning thermostats down in unused rooms.
● Using low temperature dishwasher and washing machine programmes.
● Using the supplied laundry dryer instead of tumble dryers whenever possible (Raleigh Barn only).
● Organising waste efficiently to separate glass bottles, plastics, cardboard and paper for recycling.
● Switching TVs and DVD players off, not leaving on standby.
● Consider a car free day; spend it here enjoying the peace and quiet or go on one of the local walks.
● Shop locally at the great and passionate food retailers and producers we suggest in the Welcome Pack.